These methods allow participants to create, share and take action together. Some help participants to pledge and swap their skills, resources and time between themselves. Others enable participants to collaborate to achieve a shared goal – perhaps collecting information or knowledge on a subject, co-designing or -creating a product, or campaigning for change.

As with the debate methods, some create closed groups of invited individuals, while others allow open participation from anybody who wishes to contribute. They might be used for corporate social responsibility.



7Group DiscountingDo.
16Social ReportingDo.
20Online PledgesDo.
37Commodity ExchangeDo.
38Time BankingDo.
39Data or Evidence HarvestingDo.
40Social AlertingDo.
42Live Co-CreationDo.
45Softwaer as a serviceDo.
49Effort DistributorsDo.
53Proximity NetworkingDo.
56File SharingDo.
64Positive InfluenceDo.
65End user databaseDo.
66Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Do.
67Informed Investment NetworksDo.
68Online Wish ListsDo.