These methods encourage interaction and communication between participants and facilitate the exchange of opinions and ideas. Some of these methods create closed discussions (i.e. individuals must be invited to take part), while others invite open conversations (i.e. anyone can contribute). In some cases the discussion is for a very specific purpose, while in others this is left open for participants to decide.

These methods can be used to share thoughts and information, invite feedback on products and services, establish and maintain relationships and encourage the growth of communities around an idea, brand, product, issue, or place. They might be used in customer relationship management or customer services.



1Online ForumsDebate.
3Virtual MeetingsDebate.
4Collaborative EditingDebate.
14Social NetworkingDebate.
17Video ViewsDebate.
21Electronic PollDiscover.
22Instant MessagingDebate.
31Electronic Mailing ListDebate.
32Media StreamingDebate.
34Digital back channelDebate.
41Online ChatDebate.
60Status UpdatesDebate.
63Networking by placeDebate.